Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Movie Obsessed

Hello All,
I didn't realize the breadth of my audience, I've been newly informed by Whitney Shirk (whom I hope made it home safely) that the Shirk family is reading this. A short shout out to Uncle Mitch, I hope you enjoyed the golden penis, that seems to about your humor.
Anyways, last night I went to see "On The Waterfront." The BFI theatre shows movies for £5 on Tuesdays. Their focus for July is Marlon Brando; the BFI is the British Film Institute. The movie was amazing, even more amazing the theatre was completely full.
Tonight I'm going to the screening of Quinton Teritino's Death Proof. Since it didn't do well in the US, they are just releasing it here. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but its free. Which is hard to do in London.
Last Sunday, Whitney, Kristen, and I went out for lunch, to celebrate Whitney's Home Return. Since she wouldn't stop talking about all the food and pampering she was going to have in the US, we dropped her off at home, before we went sightseeing.
Kristen and I went to Sommerset House. We didn't go see any of the Galleries, we just sat outside by the fountains and watched the little kids run around. (It was the first sunny day in two weeks) Then we walked to the photographers gallery. The gallery was interesting, they were only displaying two photographers. The first photographer had a couple cool collections, and a couple collections of garbage, so I had mixed feelings about him. The second photographer's collection was more of an idea then art. He hitch hiked across London, and took pictures of himself with each sign he used. He photographed each person who picked him up standing next to their vehicle. The he recorded their quotes as to why they picked him up. Then, I'm pretty sure just to tie the two collections together, he took pictures of random garbage he passed on the side of the road.
I really wish I could take pictures, when we first arrived we went to the Faces of Fashion gallery, which displayed great Fashion photographers. Some of them were amazing.
I swear one day I will upload pictures.

Love you,

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