Friday, 6 July 2007

Harry Potter Premiere and the Fourth of July

The Harry Potter premiere was amazing. Ross (my boss) and I arrived 15 minutes before the movie started. There were so many fans in Leischter Square that we couldn't even figure out where to enter. When we finally found the entrance, I realized that the small park had been turned into the Ministry of Magic, complete with Demontors. So passing all the unimportant people, I walked up the green carpet. I walked pass the stars. Since it's London, and it was raining, the green carpet was soapy. Once inside, we were led to our seats where a water bottle and a bag of popcorn were waiting. The screen had live feed of the starts showing walking down the carpet, and being interviewed. Right before the movie started, the head of the WB studio, the producers of the movie, and the three main stars, went up on stage to say a few words.
They went back to their seats, the theatre darkened and the movie began. It was amazing, quite possibly the best movie yet.
After the movie, we walked a few blocks to the buses, where we were driven to the after party. When you entered the building, there were this screens with the death eaters doing weird dance like movements with their wands. The papparizi was lingering around waiting for the stars. As soon as you walked through the main hall, the building broke into two sides. One was a dance floor, the other was filled with tables and the bar. Within seconds, a lady with a tray of Champagne arrived. Followed quickly by a spread of finger foods. After eating everything that walked past me, I made my way over to the two giant fountains of chocolate. Surrounding the fountain were dipping foods that ranged from pineapple and strawberry, to pretzels and shortbread. HEAVEN! Even more incredible, if your champagne glass went below half full, a person evaporated out of no where to top it off.
After a few drinks; Ross, his boss denise, her au pair Tracy, and I went to the green screen and had our pictures taken with a superimposed Harry and crew.
Tracy, who is also 21 and goes to Mizzou, wanted to get pictures with the Weasley twins because they were standing right behind us. I was too embarressed and fought the idea. Finally, she was like suck it up, and I did.
Tracy walks up to the twins and says, "I know this is tacky, but can we get a picture with you?"
Twin number 1, taps twin number 2 to turn around. Tracy and I hop in and their friend snaps the picture. Trying to make the situation less ackward and embarresing, I start talking to the friend and one of the twins. Ollie (the twin) and Aaron (his friend) were really nice, and the only people not 40 or 12. We ended up hanging out with them all night.
Through out the nights, the stars of Harry Potter surrouned me. Not only was I haning out with Ollie, but also with little Will, who plays the photographer that follows Harry Potter around. At the bar, I was a foot from JK Rowling the author. The lady that plays Doloris Umbridge was standing next to me. Emma Watson who plays Hermoine was on the dance floor right in front of me. Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter was standing behind me, when I sat down to give my feet a break. The Dame who plays Professour McGonagoll walked past me while I was shoving food down my face. Malfoy's friend, Doyle, bumped into me. Aunt Petunia was dancing next to me on the dance floor. Dudley was strolling around me. And at the end of the night, I stole Malfoy's cab. It was my Harry Potter heaven!
I'll have to load pictures later, it won't let me at work.

The next day was the fourth of July. I fell asleep at 9 until 12. I woke up ate some popcorn and went back to sleep until 8am. Happy Fourth to me!

Dad, I hope you're not dead, you didn't respond to my e-mail.

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