Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Real World

Hey, Sorry I haven't wrote on here in awhile, I started working everyday and stopped taking pictures and touring London everyday.

A couple week-ends ago when Tricia was in town, we took a day trip to StoneHedge. Honestly, I thought the trip would be a quasi-religious experience, as I imagine seeing the pyramids would be. Instead, it was a bunch of rocks, that no one knows when they were put up, that know one knows who put them up, and no one knows what they were used for. No one knows anything about them. Then we went to Shaftsbury and saw the Magna Carta in a very old, very creepy catholic church. (The Magna Carta is like their Constitution.)

Last week-end we took it easy, since this week-end is WHITNEY'S 22nd B-DAY! We're heading off to Amsterdam friday morning!

Sunday, I went to the Kennsington Palace. A display of Princess Diana's dresses was amazing. There were pictures from her Vanity Fair photo shoot everywhere. We also were able to see where the Kings and Queens lived when they wanted to escape from inner London. After the Palace, Kristen and I found this small park, with a garden. It was really nice, and the weather was decent.

Today, we tried to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum, but it was closed. So Kristen and I ended up walking for an hour in a huge circle. It was a good experience, because it really introduced us to the neighborhood. I now understand why everyone acts like its so ritzy. Because it is ritzy. About 5 blocks from my house there is a Ferrari and Mazardi dealer. My mouth hung open for the next two blocks. Right when I was about to close my mouth, 3 blocks from my flat, a jaguar pulled up and parked right next to me. The couple driving hopped out and pushed the lock button on their keychain as they walked into their home. I almost fell over!

I wish I was rich in London. Kristen and I passed so many nice restuarants with people just chilling waiting for their food sipping on cognic.

Atleast I get some perks. Emap gave us some concert tickets for tomorrow night. INXS anyone? Oh yeah, the band that found their new lead singer on reality tv. I watched the show, now I'm seeing the band.

Cheers all,

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