Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Odd Pictures

I finally uploaded my camera and thought I would give you a small sampling of pictures.

Here's a picture of a beautiful park Kristen and I found. This pathway led to the Kyato Gardens. The Kyato garden was a japenese themed area. Along the path we passed the peacock.

The rest of the pictures are from back when Tricia was intown. We went on the London eye and had a complete view of London from the sky.

After the London Eye, we walked to the Tower of London, but it was closed. Instead we walked over Tower Bridge.

The next pictures all from our Sunday trip to the Stonehedge and a little town called Sansbury. The town had this beautiful church that holds the magna carta, the British document of rights.
There wasn't much to do in the town, but it was adorable.

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