Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Jack the Ripper

Yesterday, Tricia (Kristen's friend) and I went to the Jack the Ripper tour. It was pretty interesting, but it wasn't as cool as the vampire tour in New Orleans. However, the tour guide brought along some of the original pictures.

This was his worst victim. The only way her boyfriend could identify her was by her hair. All her insides were gone, and he chopped off most of her skin, facial features, and breasts.
After the tour, Tricia and I grabbed a beer in the bar where Jack the Ripper allegedly hung out. The stairwell to the basement was even more creepy then the tour.

I'm getting ready to leave e-map, and I'm going to the theatre to try to pick up tickets for Billy Elliot. Since its the day of, the tickets should be cheaper and a decent price.

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