Monday, 25 June 2007

I'm back from Amsterdam! For the first time, I really felt out of place and realized that I was not in America. The city was beautiful, seedy, old, and strange all at the same time.

Kristen and I spent the day wondering around Amsterdam. We went to the Anne Frank house, which is probably one of my favorite things I've seen here. It brought the entire book to reality, and made me realize how real the Nazis were. No pictures were allowed in the house.

Dam square and the creapy Poseiden man

Check out my shoes, they're Holland shoes!

Everyone rides a bike in Amsterdam. They have like 5 lines per road. The first lane is for bikes, then there are two lanes for cars, then a trolley lane in the middle. Then they have the exact same thing going the opposite direction. I hypervenilated everytime I crossed the road.

We also took a canal cruise before we met up with Whitney for her birthday night. Kristen and I hung out at the Holland Casino waiting for Whitney who never showed up.

After the casino, we found Whitney at the beer garden, had a few drinks then headed off to the Red Light District.

Here we are entering the RED LIGHT DISTRICT

We couldn't take pictures of the prostitutes, so we got the golden penis in front of the Live Sex Show. We didn't get to see it, the last show had already started.

This Dutch man was celebrating his bachelor party dressed like Elvis. The entire bar was singing show tunes with him.

Amsterdam was so fun, and really was a cultural experience.
Lots of Love,

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