Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Odd Pictures

I finally uploaded my camera and thought I would give you a small sampling of pictures.

Here's a picture of a beautiful park Kristen and I found. This pathway led to the Kyato Gardens. The Kyato garden was a japenese themed area. Along the path we passed the peacock.

The rest of the pictures are from back when Tricia was intown. We went on the London eye and had a complete view of London from the sky.

After the London Eye, we walked to the Tower of London, but it was closed. Instead we walked over Tower Bridge.

The next pictures all from our Sunday trip to the Stonehedge and a little town called Sansbury. The town had this beautiful church that holds the magna carta, the British document of rights.
There wasn't much to do in the town, but it was adorable.

Monday, 25 June 2007

I'm back from Amsterdam! For the first time, I really felt out of place and realized that I was not in America. The city was beautiful, seedy, old, and strange all at the same time.

Kristen and I spent the day wondering around Amsterdam. We went to the Anne Frank house, which is probably one of my favorite things I've seen here. It brought the entire book to reality, and made me realize how real the Nazis were. No pictures were allowed in the house.

Dam square and the creapy Poseiden man

Check out my shoes, they're Holland shoes!

Everyone rides a bike in Amsterdam. They have like 5 lines per road. The first lane is for bikes, then there are two lanes for cars, then a trolley lane in the middle. Then they have the exact same thing going the opposite direction. I hypervenilated everytime I crossed the road.

We also took a canal cruise before we met up with Whitney for her birthday night. Kristen and I hung out at the Holland Casino waiting for Whitney who never showed up.

After the casino, we found Whitney at the beer garden, had a few drinks then headed off to the Red Light District.

Here we are entering the RED LIGHT DISTRICT

We couldn't take pictures of the prostitutes, so we got the golden penis in front of the Live Sex Show. We didn't get to see it, the last show had already started.

This Dutch man was celebrating his bachelor party dressed like Elvis. The entire bar was singing show tunes with him.

Amsterdam was so fun, and really was a cultural experience.
Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Real World

Hey, Sorry I haven't wrote on here in awhile, I started working everyday and stopped taking pictures and touring London everyday.

A couple week-ends ago when Tricia was in town, we took a day trip to StoneHedge. Honestly, I thought the trip would be a quasi-religious experience, as I imagine seeing the pyramids would be. Instead, it was a bunch of rocks, that no one knows when they were put up, that know one knows who put them up, and no one knows what they were used for. No one knows anything about them. Then we went to Shaftsbury and saw the Magna Carta in a very old, very creepy catholic church. (The Magna Carta is like their Constitution.)

Last week-end we took it easy, since this week-end is WHITNEY'S 22nd B-DAY! We're heading off to Amsterdam friday morning!

Sunday, I went to the Kennsington Palace. A display of Princess Diana's dresses was amazing. There were pictures from her Vanity Fair photo shoot everywhere. We also were able to see where the Kings and Queens lived when they wanted to escape from inner London. After the Palace, Kristen and I found this small park, with a garden. It was really nice, and the weather was decent.

Today, we tried to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum, but it was closed. So Kristen and I ended up walking for an hour in a huge circle. It was a good experience, because it really introduced us to the neighborhood. I now understand why everyone acts like its so ritzy. Because it is ritzy. About 5 blocks from my house there is a Ferrari and Mazardi dealer. My mouth hung open for the next two blocks. Right when I was about to close my mouth, 3 blocks from my flat, a jaguar pulled up and parked right next to me. The couple driving hopped out and pushed the lock button on their keychain as they walked into their home. I almost fell over!

I wish I was rich in London. Kristen and I passed so many nice restuarants with people just chilling waiting for their food sipping on cognic.

Atleast I get some perks. Emap gave us some concert tickets for tomorrow night. INXS anyone? Oh yeah, the band that found their new lead singer on reality tv. I watched the show, now I'm seeing the band.

Cheers all,

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Jack the Ripper

Yesterday, Tricia (Kristen's friend) and I went to the Jack the Ripper tour. It was pretty interesting, but it wasn't as cool as the vampire tour in New Orleans. However, the tour guide brought along some of the original pictures.

This was his worst victim. The only way her boyfriend could identify her was by her hair. All her insides were gone, and he chopped off most of her skin, facial features, and breasts.
After the tour, Tricia and I grabbed a beer in the bar where Jack the Ripper allegedly hung out. The stairwell to the basement was even more creepy then the tour.

I'm getting ready to leave e-map, and I'm going to the theatre to try to pick up tickets for Billy Elliot. Since its the day of, the tickets should be cheaper and a decent price.

Friday, 1 June 2007

The Flat and the Internship

So I had my "interview" yesterday. To be perfectly honest, it was more of an orientation. I get my own DESK! I'm working in the radio promotion department. This means that I will, from research to post-production, be involved in creating those radio contests. It should be exciting everyone seemed nice.

Here's some pictures of the glamorous flat! Kristen's friend Tricia just got here, she can't believe we actually live here.