Sunday, 20 May 2007

First Night

This is Kristen demonstrating that in London its normal to read a newspaper in a pub.

Some girls from the trip.

Mom, click on the box above it's a video. Sorry the quality is so bad. I'll try to find a new way to load the next one.

The first night in London the group went on a "pub crawl" with our RA. After awhile, Kristen, a couple friends, and I left the group and went to a pub. There were some Chelsea fans celebrating. They had just won the cup by one point. Unfortunately, I was to busy talking to the bald man that I didn't tape any of the good cheers. On the bright side, I learned some cheers, and taped them throwing celery. No one knew why they throw celery or why they sing a Mary Poppins song, which were some of my questions.

The flight was awful, but I arrived alive.

I'll take pictures of the apartment later.

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