Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Shakespeare and Castles

Today, Wednesday May 30, I went on a field trip to Warwick Castle and then Stratford. The bus ride was long, and the weather was awful. The castle would have been beautiful and fun, if not for all the rain. I've been stalking the stores of England for boots. One would think in a country THIS cold and THIS rainy, there would be boots everywhere.

The Castle

The metal gate

Formal Dining Room

"Daisy" getting ready for dinner in the mid 1800's.

The Victorian Rose Garden

The Dungeon

The quaint town of Warwick

After Warwick, we went to Stratford. Our first stop was Anne Hathaways cottage. Anne Hathaway is Shakespeares wife. Then we walked through the Shakespeare Museum, and then we walked through the house he was born in. All this sounds interesting, but it was alittle reduntant and incredibly long.

The whole day would have been much more fun I wasn't wet the entire time. The only time it wasn't raining was when we got on the bus to go home.

Tonight is the season finale of Desperate Housewives here, I'm so EXCITED. Tomorrow is my interview at 3! Before that I have a field trip to Conde Naste. The publishing firm of Vogue, W, etc, I've been looking forward to this for weeks.

Love Ya!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A Week-end in London

So this was my first week-end in London. Friday night was a bust. But I put some pictures up, so you guys can see the fun.

This is from Friday night, we attempted to go out on the town and it failed miserably. Our first sign was when, I fell down the stairs. Evidently platform heels and tiny stairs require great caution. You can tell I fell when you look at my hair.

This is on the tube to Soho. The kid next to me is on the trip also. He's really akward and wears Velcro shoes. He's part of the reason our night failed.

This is from Saturday night, it was dreary and last night was a bust, so we though we would just hit up some local pubs. This is me and my roommate Jena.

After alittle while, we decided the local pubs were overrated, ran back and changed. We went out dancing.

On the walk between clubs we met the nicest drag queens. They were hilarious. They loved us. We loved them. It was made to be.

This is Kristen and I being fat. We ate a hotdog before we went to the second club, and a hotdog after we left the second club.

Today, Sunday, is dreary also. We went to the science museum We were going to watch the 3D Imax movie, but it was sold out. Instead we ate some Chinese.

Whitney and I went out Saturday afternoon to Camden Market. It was slightly scary, lots of punks and goths, and the streets weren't very clean. Since the tubes were so busy, Whits and I tried to take the bus home, and got lost. Typical.

Lots of Love

First day and Second

This was my first day in London. We went on a bus guided tour, then did a short tour by foot. I was very touristy and took pictures of everything.

The Changing of the Guard

One of the hundreds of statues around London

Buckingham Palace, the road is red because its the royal road.

Big Ben

The horsed guard. The sign was the funniest part. "BEWARE: HORSES MY KICK OR BITE. THANK YOU."

A London Street

Tower Bridge

The ball on top was rotating.

Yesterday, I started my classes, we got a tour of our college. Evidentally, its the MIT of Europe.

Today (Tuesday) was the first real class session. I'm really going to enjoy it. We had a guest speaker who travels internationally as a writer. She was one of the most fascinating people I've met.
After class we had to go the Museum of London for our British Life and Culture Seminar. The museum was a huge disappointment.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

First Night

This is Kristen demonstrating that in London its normal to read a newspaper in a pub.

Some girls from the trip.

Mom, click on the box above it's a video. Sorry the quality is so bad. I'll try to find a new way to load the next one.

The first night in London the group went on a "pub crawl" with our RA. After awhile, Kristen, a couple friends, and I left the group and went to a pub. There were some Chelsea fans celebrating. They had just won the cup by one point. Unfortunately, I was to busy talking to the bald man that I didn't tape any of the good cheers. On the bright side, I learned some cheers, and taped them throwing celery. No one knew why they throw celery or why they sing a Mary Poppins song, which were some of my questions.

The flight was awful, but I arrived alive.

I'll take pictures of the apartment later.